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An order is a confirmation of a transaction (a receipt), which can contain multiple line items, each represented by an Offer that has been accepted by the customer.
Свойство Ожидаемый тип Описание
Свойства от Order
acceptedOffer Offer The offer(s) -- e.g., product, quantity and price combinations -- included in the order.
billingAddress PostalAddress The billing address for the order.
discount Number
или Text
Any discount applied (to an Order).
discountCode Text Code used to redeem a discount.
discountCurrency Text The currency (in 3-letter ISO 4217 format) of the discount.
orderedItem Product
или OrderItem
The item ordered.
paymentDueDate DateTime The date that payment is due.
isGift Boolean Was the offer accepted as a gift for someone other than the buyer.
merchant Organization
или Person
'merchant' is an out-dated term for 'seller'.
orderDate DateTime Date order was placed.
orderNumber Text The identifier of the transaction.
orderStatus OrderStatus The current status of the order.
paymentMethodId Text An identifier for the method of payment used (e.g. the last 4 digits of the credit card).
paymentUrl URL The URL for sending a payment.
confirmationNumber Text A number that confirms the given order or payment has been received.
customer Organization
или Person
Party placing the order or paying the invoice.
partOfInvoice Invoice The order is being paid as part of the referenced Invoice.
paymentDue DateTime The date that payment is due.
paymentMethod PaymentMethod The name of the credit card or other method of payment for the order.
seller Organization
или Person
Продавец продукта.
orderDelivery ParcelDelivery The delivery of the parcel related to this order or order item.
broker Person
или Organization
An entity that arranges for an exchange between a buyer and a seller. In most cases a broker never acquires or releases ownership of a product or service involved in an exchange. If it is not clear whether an entity is a broker, seller, or buyer, the latter two terms are preferred.
Свойства от Thing
additionalType URL Дополнительный тип для элемента, который обычно используется для добавления более конкретных типов от внешних словарей в синтаксис микроданных. Это отношения между чем-то и классом к которому он принадлежит. В синтаксисе RDFa, лучше использовать родной синтаксис RDF - аттрибут "TypeOf" для множественных типов. Инстументы могут слабо понимать дополнительные типы, особенно те, которые определены извне.
alternateName Text Любое альтернативное название медицинской сущности.
description Text Короткое описание записи.
image URL
или ImageObject
URL изображения записи.
name Text Имя записи.
sameAs URL Адрес веб-страницы, которая недвусмысленно указывает на идентичность элемента. Например, ссылка на страницу элемента на Википедии, Freebase страницу или на официальный сайт.
url URL URL записи.
potentialAction Action Indicates a potential Action, which describes an idealized action in which this thing would play an 'object' role.
mainEntityOfPage CreativeWork
или URL
Indicates a page (or other CreativeWork) for which this thing is the main entity being described. See [background notes](/docs/datamodel.html#mainEntityBackground) for details.
disambiguatingDescription Text A sub property of description. A short description of the item used to disambiguate from other, similar items. Information from other properties (in particular, name) may be necessary for the description to be useful for disambiguation.
identifier URL
или Text
или PropertyValue
The identifier property represents any kind of identifier for any kind of [[Thing]], such as ISBNs, GTIN codes, UUIDs etc. provides dedicated properties for representing many of these, either as textual strings or as URL (URI) links. See [background notes](/docs/datamodel.html#identifierBg) for more details.

Объекты класса Order могут являтся значениями следующих свойств
Свойство В типах Описание
partOfOrder ParcelDelivery The overall order the items in this delivery were included in.
referencesOrder Invoice The Order(s) related to this Invoice. One or more Orders may be combined into a single Invoice.


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