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A reservation for train travel.\n\nNote: This type is for information about actual reservations, e.g. in confirmation emails or HTML pages with individual confirmations of reservations. For offers of tickets, use [[Offer]].
Свойство Ожидаемый тип Описание
Свойства от Reservation
priceCurrency Text Валюта (в 3-х буквенном формате ISO 4217 ) цены предложения.
provider Person
или Organization
Лицо или организация, которые занимаются распространением, продажей CreativeWork.
reservationId Text A unique identifier for the reservation.
reservationStatus ReservationStatusType The current status of the reservation.
reservationFor Thing The thing -- flight, event, restaurant,etc. being reserved.
underName Person
или Organization
The person or organization the reservation or ticket is for.
bookingAgent Person
или Organization
'bookingAgent' is an out-dated term indicating a 'broker' that serves as a booking agent.
bookingTime DateTime The date and time the reservation was booked.
modifiedTime DateTime The date and time the reservation was modified.
programMembershipUsed ProgramMembership Any membership in a frequent flyer, hotel loyalty program, etc. being applied to the reservation.
reservedTicket Ticket A ticket associated with the reservation.
totalPrice Number
или Text
или PriceSpecification
The total price for the reservation or ticket, including applicable taxes, shipping, etc.
broker Person
или Organization
An entity that arranges for an exchange between a buyer and a seller. In most cases a broker never acquires or releases ownership of a product or service involved in an exchange. If it is not clear whether an entity is a broker, seller, or buyer, the latter two terms are preferred.
Свойства от Thing
additionalType URL Дополнительный тип для элемента, который обычно используется для добавления более конкретных типов от внешних словарей в синтаксис микроданных. Это отношения между чем-то и классом к которому он принадлежит. В синтаксисе RDFa, лучше использовать родной синтаксис RDF - аттрибут "TypeOf" для множественных типов. Инстументы могут слабо понимать дополнительные типы, особенно те, которые определены извне.
alternateName Text Любое альтернативное название медицинской сущности.
description Text Короткое описание записи.
image URL
или ImageObject
URL изображения записи.
name Text Имя записи.
sameAs URL Адрес веб-страницы, которая недвусмысленно указывает на идентичность элемента. Например, ссылка на страницу элемента на Википедии, Freebase страницу или на официальный сайт.
url URL URL записи.
potentialAction Action Indicates a potential Action, which describes an idealized action in which this thing would play an 'object' role.
mainEntityOfPage CreativeWork
или URL
Указывает на страницу (или другую "CreativeWork"), для которой эта вещь является основной описываемой сущностью. Подробнее см. В [справочных материалах] (/docs/datamodel.html#mainEntityBackground).
disambiguatingDescription Text A sub property of description. A short description of the item used to disambiguate from other, similar items. Information from other properties (in particular, name) may be necessary for the description to be useful for disambiguation.
identifier URL
или Text
или PropertyValue
The identifier property represents any kind of identifier for any kind of [[Thing]], such as ISBNs, GTIN codes, UUIDs etc. provides dedicated properties for representing many of these, either as textual strings or as URL (URI) links. See [background notes](/docs/datamodel.html#identifierBg) for more details.


Train Reservation #AB3XY2
Departing: Munich Central 2017-01-04T10:30:00+01:00
Arriving: Paris Gare De Lyon 2017-01-04T03:10:00+01:00
Passenger: Eva Green
Seat: 27B
Seating: 1st Class
Ticket: 123XYZ
Ticket Token: aztecCode:AB34
We recommend that you arrive at the station at least 30 minutes prior to your scheduled departure. Allow additional time if you need help with baggage or tickets."
This example is JSON only.
This example is JSON only.
<script type="application/ld+json">
  "@context": "",
  "@type": "TrainReservation",
  "reservationId": "AB3XY2",
  "reservationStatus": "",
  "reservationFor": {
    "@type": "TrainTrip",
    "departureStation": {
      "@type": "TrainStation",
      "name": "Munich Central"
    "departureTime": "2017-01-04T10:30:00+01:00",
    "arrivalStation": {
      "@type": "TrainStation",
      "name": "Paris Gare De Lyon"
    "arrivalTime": "2017-01-04T03:10:00+01:00"
  "reservedTicket": {
    "@type": "Ticket",
    "underName": "Eva Green",
    "ticketedSeat": {
      "@type": "Seat",
      "seatNumber": "27B",
      "seatingType": "1st Class"
    "ticketNumber": "123XYZ",
    "ticketToken": "aztecCode:AB34",
    "description": "We recommend that you arrive at the station at least 30 minutes prior to your scheduled departure. Allow additional time if you need help with baggage or tickets."

Schema Version 3.3