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DataType > Boolean

Boolean: True or False.
Свойство Ожидаемый тип Описание

Объекты класса Boolean могут являтся значениями следующих свойств
Свойство В типах Описание
acceptsReservations FoodEstablishment Да/Нет или URL страницы, где можно заказать столик.
free PublicationEvent A flag to signal that the item, event, or place is accessible for free.
isAvailableGenerically Drug True if the drug is available in a generic form (regardless of name).
isFamilyFriendly CreativeWork Указывает, является ли этот контент подходящим для семейного просмотра, чтения и тд.
isGift Order Was the offer accepted as a gift for someone other than the buyer.
isProprietary DietarySupplement
или Drug
True if this item's name is a proprietary/brand name (vs. generic name).
representativeOfPage ImageObject Указывает, является ли изображение представлением (презентацией) содержимого страницы.
requiresSubscription MediaObject Indicates if use of the media require a subscription (either paid or free). Allowed values are ```true``` or ```false``` (note that an earlier version had 'yes', 'no').
value QuantitativeValue
или PropertyValue
или MonetaryAmount
The value of the quantitative value or property value node.\n\n* For [[QuantitativeValue]] and [[MonetaryAmount]], the recommended type for values is 'Number'.\n* For [[PropertyValue]], it can be 'Text;', 'Number', 'Boolean', or 'StructuredValue'.
valueAddedTaxIncluded PriceSpecification Specifies whether the applicable value-added tax (VAT) is included in the price specification or not.
valueRequired PropertyValueSpecification Whether the property must be filled in to complete the action. Default is false.
readonlyValue PropertyValueSpecification Whether or not a property is mutable. Default is false. Specifying this for a property that also has a value makes it act similar to a "hidden" input in an HTML form.
multipleValues PropertyValueSpecification Whether multiple values are allowed for the property. Default is false.
isAccessibleForFree PublicationEvent Флаг, чтобы сигнализировать, что публикация доступна бесплатно.
isLiveBroadcast BroadcastEvent True is the broadcast is of a live event.
isAccessibleForFree CreativeWork
или Event
или PublicationEvent
или Place
Флаг, чтобы сигнализировать, что публикация доступна бесплатно.
petsAllowed Accommodation
или LodgingBusiness
Indicates whether pets are allowed to enter the accommodation or lodging business. More detailed information can be put in a text value.
smokingAllowed Place Indicates whether it is allowed to smoke in the place, e.g. in the restaurant, hotel or hotel room.
publicAccess Place A flag to signal that the [[Place]] is open to public visitors. If this property is omitted there is no assumed default boolean value


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