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Точечное значение или интервал для характеристик продукта и других целей.
Свойство Ожидаемый тип Описание
Свойства от QuantitativeValue
maxValue Number The upper value of some characteristic or property.
minValue Number The lower value of some characteristic or property.
unitCode Text
или URL
The unit of measurement given using the UN/CEFACT Common Code (3 characters) or a URL. Other codes than the UN/CEFACT Common Code may be used with a prefix followed by a colon.
value Number
или Text
или Boolean
или StructuredValue
The value of the quantitative value or property value node.\n\n* For [[QuantitativeValue]] and [[MonetaryAmount]], the recommended type for values is 'Number'.\n* For [[PropertyValue]], it can be 'Text;', 'Number', 'Boolean', or 'StructuredValue'.
valueReference Enumeration
или StructuredValue
или PropertyValue
или QualitativeValue
или QuantitativeValue
A pointer to a secondary value that provides additional information on the original value, e.g. a reference temperature.
additionalProperty PropertyValue A property-value pair representing an additional characteristics of the entitity, e.g. a product feature or another characteristic for which there is no matching property in schema.org.\n\nNote: Publishers should be aware that applications designed to use specific schema.org properties (e.g. http://schema.org/width, http://schema.org/color, http://schema.org/gtin13, ...) will typically expect such data to be provided using those properties, rather than using the generic property/value mechanism.
unitText Text A string or text indicating the unit of measurement. Useful if you cannot provide a standard unit code for unitCode.
Свойства от Thing
additionalType URL Дополнительный тип для элемента, который обычно используется для добавления более конкретных типов от внешних словарей в синтаксис микроданных. Это отношения между чем-то и классом к которому он принадлежит. В синтаксисе RDFa, лучше использовать родной синтаксис RDF - аттрибут "TypeOf" для множественных типов. Инстументы Schema.org могут слабо понимать дополнительные типы, особенно те, которые определены извне.
alternateName Text Любое альтернативное название медицинской сущности.
description Text Короткое описание записи.
image URL
или ImageObject
URL изображения записи.
name Text Имя записи.
sameAs URL Адрес веб-страницы, которая недвусмысленно указывает на идентичность элемента. Например, ссылка на страницу элемента на Википедии, Freebase страницу или на официальный сайт.
url URL URL записи.
potentialAction Action Indicates a potential Action, which describes an idealized action in which this thing would play an 'object' role.
mainEntityOfPage CreativeWork
или URL
Указывает на страницу (или другую "CreativeWork"), для которой эта вещь является основной описываемой сущностью. Подробнее см. В [справочных материалах] (/docs/datamodel.html#mainEntityBackground).
disambiguatingDescription Text A sub property of description. A short description of the item used to disambiguate from other, similar items. Information from other properties (in particular, name) may be necessary for the description to be useful for disambiguation.
identifier URL
или Text
или PropertyValue
The identifier property represents any kind of identifier for any kind of [[Thing]], such as ISBNs, GTIN codes, UUIDs etc. Schema.org provides dedicated properties for representing many of these, either as textual strings or as URL (URI) links. See [background notes](/docs/datamodel.html#identifierBg) for more details.

Объекты класса QuantitativeValue могут являтся значениями следующих свойств
Свойство В типах Описание
advanceBookingRequirement Offer
или Demand
Время, в течение которого будет оказана услуга или доставлен товар
deliveryLeadTime Offer
или Demand
The typical delay between the receipt of the order and the goods either leaving the warehouse or being prepared for pickup, in case the delivery method is on site pickup.
depth VisualArtwork Глубина продукта(с точки зрения размеров)
durationOfWarranty WarrantyPromise The duration of the warranty promise. Common unitCode values are ANN for year, MON for months, or DAY for days.
eligibleDuration Offer
или Demand
The duration for which the given offer is valid.
eligibleQuantity Offer
или PriceSpecification
или Demand
Интервал и единица измерения количества чего-либо (например, товара) в заказе, для которого действует предложение или цена. Это позволяет, например, определить, что определенная плата за перевозку груза действительна только для определенного количества.
height VisualArtwork Высота изделия
inventoryLevel Offer
или Demand
или SomeProducts
The current approximate inventory level for the item or items.
numberofEmployees BusinessAudience The size of business by number of employees.
recipeYield Recipe The quantity produced by the recipe (for example, number of people served, number of servings, etc).
valueReference QualitativeValue
или QuantitativeValue
или PropertyValue
A pointer to a secondary value that provides additional information on the original value, e.g. a reference temperature.
weight Product
или Person
Вес продукта
width VisualArtwork Ширина медиа объекта
yearlyRevenue BusinessAudience The size of the business in annual revenue.
yearsInOperation BusinessAudience The age of the business.
partySize FoodEstablishmentReservation
или TaxiReservation
Number of people the reservation should accommodate.
numAdults LodgingReservation The number of adults staying in the unit.
numChildren LodgingReservation The number of children staying in the unit.
numberOfEmployees BusinessAudience
или Organization
The number of employees in an organization e.g. business.
numberOfPlayers Game
или VideoGameSeries
Indicate how many people can play this game (minimum, maximum, or range).
numberOfDoors Vehicle The number of doors.\n\nTypical unit code(s): C62
numberOfAxles Vehicle The number of axles.\n\nTypical unit code(s): C62
fuelConsumption Vehicle The amount of fuel consumed for traveling a particular distance or temporal duration with the given vehicle (e.g. liters per 100 km).\n\n* Note 1: There are unfortunately no standard unit codes for liters per 100 km. Use [[unitText]] to indicate the unit of measurement, e.g. L/100 km.\n* Note 2: There are two ways of indicating the fuel consumption, [[fuelConsumption]] (e.g. 8 liters per 100 km) and [[fuelEfficiency]] (e.g. 30 miles per gallon). They are reciprocal.\n* Note 3: Often, the absolute value is useful only when related to driving speed ("at 80 km/h") or usage pattern ("city traffic"). You can use [[valueReference]] to link the value for the fuel consumption to another value.
fuelEfficiency Vehicle The distance traveled per unit of fuel used; most commonly miles per gallon (mpg) or kilometers per liter (km/L).\n\n* Note 1: There are unfortunately no standard unit codes for miles per gallon or kilometers per liter. Use [[unitText]] to indicate the unit of measurement, e.g. mpg or km/L.\n* Note 2: There are two ways of indicating the fuel consumption, [[fuelConsumption]] (e.g. 8 liters per 100 km) and [[fuelEfficiency]] (e.g. 30 miles per gallon). They are reciprocal.\n* Note 3: Often, the absolute value is useful only when related to driving speed ("at 80 km/h") or usage pattern ("city traffic"). You can use [[valueReference]] to link the value for the fuel economy to another value.
numberOfForwardGears Vehicle The total number of forward gears available for the transmission system of the vehicle.\n\nTypical unit code(s): C62
cargoVolume Vehicle The available volume for cargo or luggage. For automobiles, this is usually the trunk volume.\n\nTypical unit code(s): LTR for liters, FTQ for cubic foot/feet\n\nNote: You can use [[minValue]] and [[maxValue]] to indicate ranges.
mileageFromOdometer Vehicle The total distance travelled by the particular vehicle since its initial production, as read from its odometer.\n\nTypical unit code(s): KMT for kilometers, SMI for statute miles
numberOfPreviousOwners Vehicle The number of owners of the vehicle, including the current one.\n\nTypical unit code(s): C62
vehicleSeatingCapacity Vehicle The number of passengers that can be seated in the vehicle, both in terms of the physical space available, and in terms of limitations set by law.\n\nTypical unit code(s): C62 for persons.
referenceQuantity UnitPriceSpecification The reference quantity for which a certain price applies, e.g. 1 EUR per 4 kWh of electricity. This property is a replacement for unitOfMeasurement for the advanced cases where the price does not relate to a standard unit.
annualPercentageRate FinancialProduct The annual rate that is charged for borrowing (or made by investing), expressed as a single percentage number that represents the actual yearly cost of funds over the term of a loan. This includes any fees or additional costs associated with the transaction.
interestRate FinancialProduct The interest rate, charged or paid, applicable to the financial product. Note: This is different from the calculated annualPercentageRate.
loanTerm LoanOrCredit The duration of the loan or credit agreement.
numberOfRooms House
или Accommodation
или Apartment
или Suite
или SingleFamilyResidence
The number of rooms (excluding bathrooms and closets) of the acccommodation or lodging business. Typical unit code(s): ROM for room or C62 for no unit. The type of room can be put in the unitText property of the QuantitativeValue.
floorSize Accommodation The size of the accommodation, e.g. in square meter or squarefoot. Typical unit code(s): MTK for square meter, FTK for square foot, or YDK for square yard
occupancy HotelRoom
или Apartment
или Suite
или SingleFamilyResidence
The allowed total occupancy for the accommodation in persons (including infants etc). For individual accommodations, this is not necessarily the legal maximum but defines the permitted usage as per the contractual agreement (e.g. a double room used by a single person). Typical unit code(s): C62 for person
yield HowTo The quantity that results by performing instructions. For example, a paper airplane, 10 personalized candles.
requiredQuantity HowToItem The required quantity of the item(s).


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