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DataType > Text > URL

Тип данных: URL
Свойство Ожидаемый тип Описание

Объекты класса URL могут являтся значениями следующих свойств
Свойство В типах Описание
additionalType Thing Дополнительный тип для элемента, который обычно используется для добавления более конкретных типов от внешних словарей в синтаксис микроданных. Это отношения между чем-то и классом к которому он принадлежит. В синтаксисе RDFa, лучше использовать родной синтаксис RDF - аттрибут "TypeOf" для множественных типов. Инстументы Schema.org могут слабо понимать дополнительные типы, особенно те, которые определены извне.
applicationCategory SoftwareApplication Тип ПО, например "Игры, Мультимедиа"
applicationSubCategory SoftwareApplication Подтип приложения, например: "Аркадные игры"
codeRepository SoftwareSourceCode Link to the repository where the un-compiled, human readable code and related code is located (SVN, github, CodePlex).
colleague Person Его коллега.
contentUrl MediaObject Actual bytes of the media object, for example the image file or video file.
discussionUrl CreativeWork Ссылка на страницу, содержащую комментарии к этой CreativeWork.
downloadUrl SoftwareApplication If the file can be downloaded, URL to download the binary.
embedUrl MediaObject A URL pointing to a player for a specific video. In general, this is the information in the ```src``` element of an ```embed``` tag and should not be the same as the content of the ```loc``` tag.
featureList SoftwareApplication Features or modules provided by this application (and possibly required by other applications).
image Thing URL изображения записи.
maps Place Ссылки на карты этого места.(В единственном числе map.
installUrl SoftwareApplication URL at which the app may be installed, if different from the URL of the item.
labelDetails Drug Link to the drug's label details.
logo Organization
или Place
или Product
или Service
или Brand
URL картинки, являющейся логотипом.
memoryRequirements SoftwareApplication Минимальные требования к памяти.
paymentUrl Order The URL for sending a payment.
prescribingInfo Drug Link to prescribing information for the drug.
relatedLink WebPage A link related to this web page, for example to other related web pages.
releaseNotes SoftwareApplication Description of what changed in this version.
replyToUrl UserComments The URL at which a reply may be posted to the specified UserComment.
sameAs Thing Адрес веб-страницы, которая недвусмысленно указывает на идентичность элемента. Например, ссылка на страницу элемента на Википедии, Freebase страницу или на официальный сайт.
screenshot SoftwareApplication Ссылка на скриншот приложения.
serviceUrl ServiceChannel The website to access the service.
significantLink WebPage Одна из самых значимых ссылок на странице. Обычно, это не навигационные сслыки на которые чаще всего кликают
storageRequirements SoftwareApplication Storage requirements (free space required).
targetUrl AlignmentObject The URL of a node in an established educational framework.
thumbnailUrl CreativeWork Эскизное изображение (миниатюра) относящаяся к Thing.
trackingUrl ParcelDelivery Tracking url for the parcel delivery.
url Thing URL записи.
warning Drug Любые предупреждения Администрации по контролю за качеством пищевых продуктов и медикаментов (США) о данном препарате или другие предупреждения (текст или URL).
ticketToken Ticket Reference to an asset (e.g., Barcode, QR code image or PDF) usable for entrance.
acceptsReservations FoodEstablishment Да/Нет или URL страницы, где можно заказать столик.
license CreativeWork A license document that applies to this content, typically indicated by URL.
hasMap Place A URL to a map of the place.
roleName Role A role played, performed or filled by a person or organization. For example, the team of creators for a comic book might fill the roles named 'inker', 'penciller', and 'letterer'; or an athlete in a SportsTeam might play in the position named 'Quarterback'.
gamePlatform VideoGame
или VideoGameSeries
The electronic systems used to play video games.
gameLocation Game
или VideoGameSeries
Real or fictional location of the game (or part of game).
sport SportsOrganization A type of sport (e.g. Baseball).
artform VisualArtwork e.g. Painting, Drawing, Sculpture, Print, Photograph, Assemblage, Collage, etc.
material CreativeWork
или Product
A material that something is made from, e.g. leather, wool, cotton, paper.
schemaVersion CreativeWork Indicates (by URL or string) a particular version of a schema used in some CreativeWork. For example, a document could declare a schemaVersion using an URL such as http://schema.org/version/2.0/ if precise indication of schema version was required by some application.
mainEntityOfPage Thing Указывает на страницу (или другую "CreativeWork"), для которой эта вещь является основной описываемой сущностью. Подробнее см. В [справочных материалах] (/docs/datamodel.html#mainEntityBackground).
softwareRequirements SoftwareApplication Component dependency requirements for application. This includes runtime environments and shared libraries that are not included in the application distribution package, but required to run the application (Examples: DirectX, Java or .NET runtime).
unitCode QuantitativeValue
или TypeAndQuantityNode
или UnitPriceSpecification
или PropertyValue
The unit of measurement given using the UN/CEFACT Common Code (3 characters) or a URL. Other codes than the UN/CEFACT Common Code may be used with a prefix followed by a colon.
artMedium VisualArtwork The material used. (e.g. Oil, Watercolour, Acrylic, Linoprint, Marble, Cyanotype, Digital, Lithograph, DryPoint, Intaglio, Pastel, Woodcut, Pencil, Mixed Media, etc.)
artworkSurface VisualArtwork The supporting materials for the artwork, e.g. Canvas, Paper, Wood, Board, etc.
propertyID PropertyValue A commonly used identifier for the characteristic represented by the property, e.g. a manufacturer or a standard code for a property. propertyID can be (1) a prefixed string, mainly meant to be used with standards for product properties; (2) a site-specific, non-prefixed string (e.g. the primary key of the property or the vendor-specific id of the property), or (3) a URL indicating the type of the property, either pointing to an external vocabulary, or a Web resource that describes the property (e.g. a glossary entry). Standards bodies should promote a standard prefix for the identifiers of properties from their standards.
fuelType Vehicle
или EngineSpecification
The type of fuel suitable for the engine or engines of the vehicle. If the vehicle has only one engine, this property can be attached directly to the vehicle.
vehicleTransmission Vehicle The type of component used for transmitting the power from a rotating power source to the wheels or other relevant component(s) ("gearbox" for cars).
isBasedOn CreativeWork A resource that was used in the creation of this resource. This term can be repeated for multiple sources. For example, http://example.com/great-multiplication-intro.html.
feesAndCommissionsSpecification FinancialProduct
или FinancialService
Description of fees, commissions, and other terms applied either to a class of financial product, or by a financial service organization.
fileFormat CreativeWork Media type, typically MIME format (see [IANA site](http://www.iana.org/assignments/media-types/media-types.xhtml)) of the content e.g. application/zip of a SoftwareApplication binary. In cases where a CreativeWork has several media type representations, 'encoding' can be used to indicate each MediaObject alongside particular fileFormat information. Unregistered or niche file formats can be indicated instead via the most appropriate URL, e.g. defining Web page or a Wikipedia entry.
temporalCoverage CreativeWork The temporalCoverage of a CreativeWork indicates the period that the content applies to, i.e. that it describes, either as a DateTime or as a textual string indicating a time period in [ISO 8601 time interval format](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ISO_8601#Time_intervals). In the case of a Dataset it will typically indicate the relevant time period in a precise notation (e.g. for a 2011 census dataset, the year 2011 would be written "2011/2012"). Other forms of content e.g. ScholarlyArticle, Book, TVSeries or TVEpisode may indicate their temporalCoverage in broader terms - textually or via well-known URL. Written works such as books may sometimes have precise temporal coverage too, e.g. a work set in 1939 - 1945 can be indicated in ISO 8601 interval format format via "1939/1945".
genre CreativeWork
или BroadcastChannel
или MusicGroup
Жанр творческой работы.
hasMenu FoodEstablishment Either the actual menu as a structured representation, as text, or a URL of the menu.
courseMode CourseInstance The medium or means of delivery of the course instance or the mode of study, either as a text label (e.g. "online", "onsite" or "blended"; "synchronous" or "asynchronous"; "full-time" or "part-time") or as a URL reference to a term from a controlled vocabulary (e.g. https://ceds.ed.gov/element/001311#Asynchronous ).
identifier Thing The identifier property represents any kind of identifier for any kind of [[Thing]], such as ISBNs, GTIN codes, UUIDs etc. Schema.org provides dedicated properties for representing many of these, either as textual strings or as URL (URI) links. See [background notes](/docs/datamodel.html#identifierBg) for more details.
publishingPrinciples CreativeWork
или Organization
или Person
Ссылка на страницу, описывающую редакционные принципы организации, первично отвечающей за создание CreativeWork.
isBasedOnUrl CreativeWork A resource that was used in the creation of this resource. This term can be repeated for multiple sources. For example, http://example.com/great-multiplication-intro.html.
map Place Ссылка на карту этого места.
menu FoodEstablishment Или актуальное меню или его URL.
requirements SoftwareApplication Component dependency requirements for application. This includes runtime environments and shared libraries that are not included in the application distribution package, but required to run the application (Examples: DirectX, Java or .NET runtime).
significantLinks WebPage Самые значимые ссылки на странице. Обычно, это не навигационные сслыки, на которые чаще всего кликают (в ед. числе см. significantLink)
surface VisualArtwork A material used as a surface in some artwork, e.g. Canvas, Paper, Wood, Board, etc.
namedPosition Role A position played, performed or filled by a person or organization, as part of an organization. For example, an athlete in a SportsTeam might play in the position named 'Quarterback'.


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