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Самый общий тип чего-либо.
Свойство Ожидаемый тип Описание
Свойства от Thing
additionalType URL Дополнительный тип для элемента, который обычно используется для добавления более конкретных типов от внешних словарей в синтаксис микроданных. Это отношения между чем-то и классом к которому он принадлежит. В синтаксисе RDFa, лучше использовать родной синтаксис RDF - аттрибут "TypeOf" для множественных типов. Инстументы могут слабо понимать дополнительные типы, особенно те, которые определены извне.
alternateName Text Любое альтернативное название медицинской сущности.
description Text Короткое описание записи.
image URL
или ImageObject
URL изображения записи.
name Text Имя записи.
sameAs URL Адрес веб-страницы, которая недвусмысленно указывает на идентичность элемента. Например, ссылка на страницу элемента на Википедии, Freebase страницу или на официальный сайт.
url URL URL записи.
potentialAction Action Indicates a potential Action, which describes an idealized action in which this thing would play an 'object' role.
mainEntityOfPage CreativeWork
или URL
Указывает на страницу (или другую "CreativeWork"), для которой эта вещь является основной описываемой сущностью. Подробнее см. В [справочных материалах] (/docs/datamodel.html#mainEntityBackground).
disambiguatingDescription Text A sub property of description. A short description of the item used to disambiguate from other, similar items. Information from other properties (in particular, name) may be necessary for the description to be useful for disambiguation.
identifier URL
или Text
или PropertyValue
The identifier property represents any kind of identifier for any kind of [[Thing]], such as ISBNs, GTIN codes, UUIDs etc. provides dedicated properties for representing many of these, either as textual strings or as URL (URI) links. See [background notes](/docs/datamodel.html#identifierBg) for more details.

Более конкретные типы

Объекты класса Thing могут являтся значениями следующих свойств
Свойство В типах Описание
about CreativeWork
или CommunicateAction
или Event
Тема содержимого (о чем оно).
category Product
или Service
или Offer
или Invoice
A category for the item. Greater signs or slashes can be used to informally indicate a category hierarchy.
collection UpdateAction A sub property of object. The collection target of the action.
instrument Action The object that helped the agent perform the action. e.g. John wrote a book with *a pen*.
itemListElement ItemList For itemListElement values, you can use simple strings (e.g. "Peter", "Paul", "Mary"), existing entities, or use ListItem.\n\nText values are best if the elements in the list are plain strings. Existing entities are best for a simple, unordered list of existing things in your data. ListItem is used with ordered lists when you want to provide additional context about the element in that list or when the same item might be in different places in different lists.\n\nNote: The order of elements in your mark-up is not sufficient for indicating the order or elements. Use ListItem with a 'position' property in such cases.
itemReviewed AggregateRating
или Review
То, о чем отзыв или оценка.
mentions CreativeWork Указывает на то что CreativeWork ссылается на что-то (упоминает).
object Action The object upon which the action is carried out, whose state is kept intact or changed. Also known as the semantic roles patient, affected or undergoer (which change their state) or theme (which doesn't). e.g. John read *a book*.
option ChooseAction A sub property of object. The options subject to this action.
produces Service The tangible thing generated by the service, e.g. a passport, permit, etc.
purpose MedicalDevice
или AllocateAction
или PayAction
Цель или цели данного устройства, например, предназначен ли он для диагностических или терапевтических целей.
replacee ReplaceAction A sub property of object. The object that is being replaced.
replacer ReplaceAction A sub property of object. The object that replaces.
result Action The result produced in the action. e.g. John wrote *a book*.
reservationFor Reservation The thing -- flight, event, restaurant,etc. being reserved.
defaultValue PropertyValueSpecification The default value of the input. For properties that expect a literal, the default is a literal value, for properties that expect an object, it's an ID reference to one of the current values.
error Action For failed actions, more information on the cause of the failure.
item ListItem
или DataFeedItem
An entity represented by an entry in a list or data feed (e.g. an 'artist' in a list of 'artists')’.
quest Game
или VideoGameSeries
The task that a player-controlled character, or group of characters may complete in order to gain a reward.
gameItem Game
или VideoGameSeries
An item is an object within the game world that can be collected by a player or, occasionally, a non-player character.
characterAttribute Game
или VideoGameSeries
A piece of data that represents a particular aspect of a fictional character (skill, power, character points, advantage, disadvantage).
gamePlatform VideoGame
или VideoGameSeries
The electronic systems used to play video games.
targetCollection UpdateAction A sub property of object. The collection target of the action.
mainEntity CreativeWork Indicates the primary entity described in some page or other CreativeWork.
actionOption ChooseAction A sub property of object. The options subject to this action.
serviceOutput Service The tangible thing generated by the service, e.g. a passport, permit, etc.
dataFeedElement DataFeed An item within in a data feed. Data feeds may have many elements.
requiredCollateral LoanOrCredit Assets required to secure loan or credit repayments. It may take form of third party pledge, goods, financial instruments (cash, securities, etc.)


Schema Version 3.3